2017 Team


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Outreach Department

Current Minister: Deng Jinwei
Current Member: Deng Jinwei Wang Xinyuan
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Chalmers of the Chinese Association (External Relations Department), as the economic pillar of the whole association as well as the first contact person, has a pivotal position in the association.We are mainly responsible for all the external business of the association: corporate Cooperation, sponsorship support, relationship building and alumni contact.We engage and communicate with outsiders from all walks of life in Gothenburg, establish a platform for communication between schools, students and associations, and participate in and determine the future development of the association.In this process, the members of the outreach department is not only a step forward to expand the network of opportunities, but also in the community before the accumulation of a calm and self-confidence, more fully appreciate from zero to a high degree of satisfaction.

Finance Department
Current Minister and member: Wang Yuchen
The finance Department of the Chalmers Chinese Association (Chalmers Kinagrupp Finance Department) is an important part of the Chinese Association, which manages the expenditure, revenue and sponsorship of all activities under the Chalmers Chinese Association and makes public the entry and exit account statistics.
The main tasks of Finance Department are: budget production of activities, regulation of Propaganda department, Planning Dept., purchasing department and Outreach Department, expenditure and sponsorship requirement.Support the development of the association from the aspects of economic and financial management.

Planning Department
Current Minister: Kuven
Current Member: Kuven Wang Shaohai
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Chalmers Chinese Association Planning Department (Planning Department),
Planning Department is mainly responsible for the planning of large-scale activities, coordination between the various departments of the relationship.When the association wants to organize some large-scale collective activities, the Planning department will show its vitality.The planning department covers the following aspects: detailed plan of activities, summary of activities materials, distribution of tasks in various departments and so on.This requires that the department not only needs to recruit talented people with outstanding ability, but also needs the strong assistance of other departments.The responsibility of the Planning Department is how to successfully combine everyone into a collective and how to successfully organize activities in a better way.Entering the core planning Department of the operation of the association will help the members to have a better understanding of the operation and execution of an organization and to exercise their ability to solve problems in various situations.The so-called wise man, other everything, think it over, think twice, and then do it.In the 帷幄, each link is Kingi sewn together, the planning department waits for you to join.

Current Minister: Fang
Current Member: Fang SHAWHI
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Service (Service Department)
With the planning department and the Ministry of Finance to do a good job, according to the activities of the planning and budgeting procurement list, through the audit after the procurement.
Responsible for the monitoring and monitoring of material usage in the activity, and follow up the guarantee activities smoothly.
Collect practical purchasing information and prepare for future activities purchasing.

Information Department
Current Minister: Wang Neisu
Current members: Wang Neisu, Xiang Jay
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Chalmers Chinese Association Information Department (Chalmers Kinagrupp IT Department) is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of the association’s Information platform for the association’s internal management and external exchanges to provide a diversified platform to support.
The main tasks of the information Department are: Student Union Server resource Maintenance, internal common file management, e-mail platform management, micro-letter, Facebook and other social platform Management, association website development and Daily maintenance.The association’s planning promotional copy is published through the information department to the website platform, the micro-trust platform and the Facebook homepage.
Department of the main members of the computer-related students, follow the agile development and other common software engineering development and management programs, members of the daily development work to learn to accumulate experience.

Propaganda department
Current Minister: Han Bo
Current members: Han Bo, Zhang observes, Li June
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The propaganda Department of Chalmers Chinese Association (Chalmers Kinagrupp International communication Department) is an important part of the Chinese society, which is the school and the students (alumni), Students (alumni) and social communication between the important bridge, the main responsibility is responsible for the publicity work of the association.
The main work of the publicity department is: pre-activity publicity, including work on writing or design, as well as the push content editing of each platform.At the same time to assist the Association of various departments to organize and carry out activities, and at the end of the event responsible for the summary of news articles and style display.