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As the day grows, the summer solstice in China’s 24 solar terms comes quietly, and the Midsummer festival in Sweden comes along.Northern Europe’s winter is always dark and long, and summer is a mixture of passion and vigor. The warmth of Gothenburg began gradually from the days when it was no longer rainy, and the first fun games of 2018, organized by the Chalmers Chinese Association, ended well, as the lawn grew “full” of people basking in the sun.Perhaps you have not been to the beginning of this midsummer festival to bring the passion, then from the review of this game of joy to open this season! This fun games in accordance with the plan and process before the game, in the morning of the basketball and badminton game, which is particularly fierce basketball, each game, each athlete all the best, actively play full court, in their own participation in the movement at the same time for the audience brought a wonderful visual feast; At the same time, the badminton game is also very interesting, Both sides you come to me, equal, the fight is very hot, various techniques also let the audience marvel repeatedly. And the morning tense stimulation ball confrontation different, after the lunch break, afternoon fun items will be easy to entertain a lot.Because the fun game allows on-site registration, see a variety of interesting props and game settings, many small partners have temporarily reported, making a variety of fun games lively.The first is a kick shuttlecock, as a memory of childhood, we have to play a few feet, the whole competition is divided into three innings before the end, the final Wang Neisu students won the championship; then it was a stone cross, and the project required contestants to have this excellent body balance and hand-foot coordination ability, Each contestant uses a different strategy to complete the game, the scene is interesting, eventually Edin students with the foot long and flexible action to win the championship, and then the two people against the borrow object race, two contestants on the field to find the appearance of the necessary props to laugh at, and finally is the most high-profile fight landlord competition, As the best of the mass foundation of the Games, we have to participate in a number of people sitting together in full swing of the fight, experienced the preliminary and semi-finals, the final final, Xiaohui Szeto not let men, even the next three cities won the title of the Big landlord. In the best season in Gothenburg, everyone’s laughter cheers, everyone has harvested a happy and healthy day, in the competition performance outstanding contestants are carrying a prize, the life of the rhythm with the full of spring together with vitality.Let us wait for the next sunny season, about again! The Midsummer festival is nostalgic.Since the farming era has spread, the Swedes to this day more and more attention, presumably in Rui’s you have already felt the city restless breath.And at the same time the Midsummer Night is mysterious, is the magical love moment, perhaps you did not think that too cold Nordic people will have so warm and romantic vision, but is not also full of anticipation! Holiday has reached, Chalmers Chinese Association Wish you a Happy Midsummer festival!We also hope that we will bring more holiday activities for you!Guess, next time will be celebrating God horse?

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