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The lingering fragrance of dumplings has not yet dispersed, the red Chinese knot is still hanging in the home, just concluded the Chalmers Chinese Association Spring Festival Gala is still vividly. The nostalgic accordion show, the sumptuous meals and snacks, the exciting little games, and the popular calligraphy and paper-cutting are all memorable memories we shared that night.   Chinese New Year, is to eat well.The activity begins with the dumplings, we all sit together at the table, some knead dough, have rolled the dumpling skin, the remaining small partners mix good stuffing dumplings, a dumpling assembly line in everyone’s laughter in the orderly work. And in the dumpling assembly line there is a mysterious table, originally wrapped in spring rolls, the so-called north-South reunion may be eating dumplings and eat spring rolls of the new Year.When all the dumplings and spring rolls are ready to be finished, we will cook the dumplings, fry the spring rolls, and return to the activity room to chat and wait for the meal to arrive. Not long after, in the dumplings out of the pot, hot meals are also just sent to, we began to wait to start the chopsticks.One dish after another, the dumplings and spring rolls are constantly being sent out, and kept for a minute to be eaten. After dinner tea, Cheng students for us to bring a wonderful accordion solo “in the Water side”, beautiful music reminds us of homesickness away from thinking. After the performance, the first round of the lottery, from the presence of the small partners in the extraction of 10 out of the exquisite Blessing Word window.Then is the traditional guessing riddles link, we enthusiastically answered, the atmosphere is very warm, the last English riddle is to let foreign small partners burst out a lot of strange ideas. After guessing the riddle ushered in the second round of lottery, randomly drawn out of the five small partners each obtained a golden Chinese knot, symbolizing the precious blessing.In the Chinese and foreign friends to do a fun little game-after the radish squat, finally ushered in the final award, an extra large Chinese knot, the students are also very excited to receive the award. After several main activities, entered the free activity link, we sometimes sit together chatting snacks, sometimes gathered in calligraphy and paper-cut side to realize the Chinese traditional culture, the entire activity carried out five hours, the final perfect ending. I wonder if everyone has enjoyed a perfect new year.Even if we are away from home, we can still be chattering together for the new Year.The beginning of the new year, I wish you all success in school, work smoothly, the dog of the dog do not do single dogs Oh! The success of the event, without the participation of all the participants and support, the Chinese Association of all members bowed to thank you and our common creation of unforgettable memories, together with a lively and happy new Year. In addition, we would like to thank the Gothenburg consulate for their strong support, they let us feel the warmth of the motherland and the Super Rullband restaurant friendship Sponsorship, to provide us with a sumptuous delicious food and thank Basen for our event to provide the venue support of course, we have to praise ourselves, Thanks to each of the Chinese Association of Small partners, the joint efforts to promote the success of the event to hold the spring to spring a good, New Year’s heart strong.Love is always in the feeling of love, a gather a scattered friendship.

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