About Kinagrupp

Chalmers Kinagrupp is a student group committed to assisting Chinese students and scholars at Chalmers with their study life and future development. It aims at uniting Chinese students, promoting Chinese culture, and providing a platform for cross-cultural communications. It performs as a media to integrate and spread information about China, Sweden, and Chalmers to those of whom have contact with the group.

Chalmers Kinagrupp was founded in September 2015 and joined Chalmers Student Union early 2017. It is a fast-developing group with an ambitious and talented operating team and plays an important role in Chalmers international affairs. The group is the first official student society which has international students as the main body in Chalmers Student Union. Its members include undergraduate, master student, doctor, and post-doctoral students and scholars who are studying at Chalmers. The contact with graduated alumni is also under establishment. Chalmers Kinagrupp is continuously building close contacts with other student groups, associations, companies, and institutions, and is seeking for cooperation. We have organized large events such as “Culture Fusion Night”, “Chinese New Year Tea party”, “China Night-Lantern Festival Party”, “Spring Festival party”, and “Mid-Autumn Festival party”. We have also organized activities for students such as city tours, company visits, and company recruitment seminars. Together with CIRC, we are also very active in organizing activities during the welcome week. The largest event held more than 250 people and more than 1000 people have participated in our activities and events.